Wxtytech Bagging Machine Supplier

Wuxi Taiyang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading solid material bagging solution suppliers located in China Jiangsu Wuxi, and specializing in R&D and measuring bagging, conveying, palletizing, and automatic control equipment. We have received national metrology certification and produce bagging equipment better than market requirements.
۔ Wxtytech bag packaging company has a 5,000 square meter facility and has several senior engineers with over 30 years experience. We specialize in using our expertise to customize reliable and efficient automated bagging machinery solutions for our customers.

20 +

پیشہ ور ملازم

30 +

تجربہ (سال)

5000 +

factory (㎡)

200 +


Wxtytech Bagging Machine Workforce

Advance types of machinery are nothing without the force working behind their buttons. Wxtytech Bagging Machine Company is a balance of advanced technology and professionals. The company is backed by more than 20 employees from the manufacturing department and R&D team. Our engineers all have more than 30 years of experience in bagging machinery. Over 5000 square meters of production space also allows us to produce quality equipment for more customers.

Wxtytech Bagging Machines Testing

To achieve quality bagging machines. Wxtyler implements strict quality inspection and testing during the production process and before shipment. During the production process, we will test each part of the mechanical structure after it is assembled. Before shipment, we will conduct a comprehensive test to confirm accurate measurement, smooth operation of the equipment for a long time, exterior painting up to standard, stable equipment structure, no unusual noise, no vibration, no abnormal heat, and many other things. All testing processes will be recorded. We are constantly striving to achieve exceptional quality products and services.

Our Compoany History

جنوری۳۱، ۲۰۱۹


Our founder, David, started the company. Initially, we helped others to OEM machines and the factory was small, and everything was struggling to move forward.

جنوری۳۱، ۲۰۱۹

اگست 15، 2017


After two years of development, the company moved to a larger factory and purchased more advanced processing equipment. Wxtytech’s production capacity has been improved.

اگست 15، 2017

6 فرمائے، 2020


We set up a foreign trade team, upgraded the brand image and service process of “wxtytech”, adopted a new platform, and tried to provide more professional services for international customers.

6 فرمائے، 2020



In the past year, we have served many international customers, including flour packaging project in Ukraine, protein powder automatic packaging project in USA, plastic granule packaging project in Vietnam… In the future, we hope to provide professional services to customers in more countries.


کیوں انتخاب کریں Wxtytech Bagging Machine Manufacturer

Wxtytech is an R&D and production leading enterprise specializing in solid material bagging solutions. We can supply a single piece of equipment or a complete system for your application. You can purchase wxtytech bagging machines at a more competitive price compared to other suppliers in the market without compromising quality and durability.

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Here is the page about Wxtytech on Metoree. About Metoree Metoree is a product and manufacturer information comparison site for researchers and engineers that introduces a wide variety of products. The site provides useful information for engineers to compare and select products and manufacturers.
ماہر انجینئرز

Our engineers have been in the bagging machinery industry for over 30 years. Our team of engineers can provide the packaging equipment to meet the requirements of your project.

اعلی معیار

Insist on using high quality raw materials and brand accessories to build high quality machines.

معیاری سامان

We offer accessories of international common standards. Our customers will have no difficulty in replacing parts.

وقت کی فراہمی

Our factory is very close to all of our supporting companies, which helps us reduce the time it takes to manufacture equipment and ensure on-time delivery.

کم لاگت

Factory direct price, no extra marketing costs, so that customers can buy satisfactory products with the lowest price.

قابل اعتماد خدمت

Wxtytech provides 24-hour online technical service. When you encounter difficulties, no need to worry, we will help you solve them.

پیداوار لائن

wxtytech پروڈکٹ پروڈکشن لائن 10-31

ٹیم سے ملو

Meet our experts behind our quality products. Each individual has their fair share of what ​Wxtytech Bagging Machine Company stands for today.

ڈیوڈ چاؤ

سینئر انجینئر

“I love mechanics. I have been in the bagging machinery industry for over 30 years and it has been my life’s work”

ایلن چاؤ

Fitter Leader

“My colleagues and I will make sure that the machine runs steadily, as we are very good at this”

Geoff Wang

Welder Leader

“Our welders all have 10+ years of welding experience, so leave the task to us with confidence”

Jerry Li

Painter Leader

“Careful and responsible. Every place that needs to be painted, we don’t miss it”

ہمارے مبارک کلائنٹس!

When I was trying to find the right factory for my project of packaging flour, you sent me the right packaging solution. Your service was really great and you made me feel that our relationship was fair. I had to revise my proposal many times and you were still enthusiastic to help me. Now your flour bagging line is running steadily in my factory, our productivity has increased a lot. I am very happy with your equipment.


CEO, Ukraine

I need a fully automatic bagging line with machines capable of automatic bagging. I asked many suppliers in many countries and their prices exceeded my budget. Your technology is great, I am very satisfied and more importantly, the price of your bagging equipment is very competitive, so you are the best choice for me.


سی ای او، امریکہ

We found your company on the internet and I was very pleased with your service. You sent the goods out on time. When I received your machines, they looked beautiful. Once the power was turned on and the machines were up and running, everything went smoothly and I am looking forward to the next time we work together.


Technical Director, Vietnam

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